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Current Positions

Join MHRP's team and make a difference in the worldwide effort to control the HIV pandemic.
MHRP is currently recruiting for the following positions. You may also search and apply for these positions at
















ID Title Location
210184 Senior Staff Scientist: Systems Serology WRAIR
210872 Director of Research - Nigeria U.S. Embassy
210874 Research Laboratory Director Nigeria U.S. Embassy
210925 Associate Director, Molecular Diagnostics and Monitoring Kericho Kenya
211408 Postdoctoral Fellow WRAIR
211754 Postdoctoral Fellow WRAIR
211758 Research Assistant Rockville, MD
211759 Research Assistant WRAIR
211837 Postdoctoral Fellow WRAIR
212157 Clinical Trials Specialist MHRP Rockledge
212184 Research Physician, Emerging Diseases MHRP Rockledge
212205 Clinical Project Manager MHRP Rockledge
212207 Specimen Processor WRAIR
212208 Specimen Processor WRAIR
212212 Serology Medical Technologist WRAIR
212213 Serology Medical Technologist WRAIR
212215 Quality Assurance Specialist WRAIR
212225 Postdoctoral Fellow - HIV Rockville, MD
212235 Quality Affairs Technical Writer MHRP Rockledge
212245 Senior Financial Analyst MHRP Rockledge
212249 Regional Laboratory Director MHRP Rockledge
212272 Senior Financial Analyst MHRP Rockledge
212304 Research Data Analyst MHRP Rockledge
212324 Postdoctoral Fellow WRAIR
212327 Laboratory Manager WRAIR
212337 Postdoctoral Fellow WRAIR