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Emerging Infectious Diseases Branch at WRAIR

WRAIR's extensive international research infrastructure and capabilities allow its scientists to anticipate and develop countermeasures against emerging infectious disease (EID) threats.

The Institute’s longstanding capabilities, which include subject matter expertise, in-house manufacturing, a broad network of international sites and public-private partnerships, enable the Emerging Infectious Diseases Branch (EIDB) to respond rapidly to outbreaks, through an accelerated cycle of countermeasure development: from conception to human clinical trials.

In the last few years alone, WRAIR has leveraged its infectious disease expertise to initiate two Phase 2 clinical trials of Ebola vaccine candidates in the U.S. and Africa, conduct a first-in-human trial of a Middle East Respiratory Syndrome vaccine and develop, manufacture and test a Zika vaccine.

Two initiatives, the Joint West Africa Research Group (JWARG) and the Partnership for Research in the Middle East (PRIME), are working to improve biopreparedness and biosurveillance by reinforcing area research capabilities. These programs highlight WRAIR’s development of a resilient network of laboratories and clinical sites capable of responding to disease outbreaks across the globe.

EIDB Fact Sheet