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WRAIR's HIV Diagnostics and Reference Laboratory (HDRL) serves as the final DoD authority for HIV infection status in the Army and is the military’s Tri-Service Reference Laboratory. The Branch conducts more than a million confirmatory HIV tests per year and determines HIV infection status classification for all Army personnel. 

The diagnostics team is a leader in defining operational parameters for HIV and related disease diagnosis and also establishes critical laboratory monitoring parameters utilized by Military Health Care Providers for therapeutic management of a wide variety of infectious diseases. The department also collaborates with MHRP to develop diagnostic tools that accurately discriminate HIV vaccine-induced sero-reactive (VISR) responses from those of HIV infection. 

HDRL is part of the new Diagnostics and Countermeasures Branch (DCB) at WRAIR, which works to provide effective, state-of-art diagnostic countermeasures to ensure Force Health and Readiness. Branch efforts include the development of new diagnostic assays, identification of optimal diagnostic testing platforms, assays, and algorithms using evidenced based approaches.