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MHRP’s HIV Diagnostics and Reference Laboratory (HDRL) serves as the final DoD authority for HIV infection status in the Army and is the military’s Tri-Service Reference Laboratory. The department conducts more than a million confirmatory HIV tests per year and determines HIV infection status classification for all Army personnel. 

The diagnostics team is a leader in defining operational parameters for HIV and related disease diagnosis and also establishes critical laboratory monitoring parameters utilized by Military Health Care Providers for therapeutic management of a wide variety of infectious diseases. The department also conducts ongoing research to develop diagnostic tools that accurately discriminate HIV vaccine-induced sero-reactive (VISR) responses from those of HIV infection. 

Force Health Protection and Readiness 

In 2014, MHRP conducted a medical economic analysis of a MHRP Hepatitis C infection (HCV) seroprevalence study of more than 17,000 recently deployed US military personnel which demonstrated that HCV screening of all applicants for military service will result in a net cost savings to the DoD in treatment cost avoided. This will likely result in policy changes for military accession infection disease screening.