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Findings from WRAIR-NIAID EBOV Clinical Trial Published in NEJM

April 1, 2015
New findings published in New England Journal of Medicine

Findings from a WRAIR/NIAID led Ebola vaccine clinical trail were published in the New England Journal of Medicine today, highlighting that the vaccine candidate is safe and elicits a robust immune response. 

The VSV-EBOV candidate was tested in a small phase 1 clinical trial that explored the safety and immunogeniticy of the vaccine when administered at different doses. MHRP's Diagnostics team helped validate the assays that were used in the trial. Lt. Col. Jason Regules at WRAIR was a lead author of the paper and Col. Stephen Thomas, WRAIR’s Deputy Commander was a senior author on the paper. MHRP's Col. Nelson Michael, Dr. Sheila Peel and Dr. Linda L. Jagodzinski were co-authors. 

"We saw a roubust immune response following a single dose of the vaccine, which could be particularly useful in outbreak interventions," said Col. Thomas. 

The clinical trial began in October during the peak of the devastating Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The combined experience of WRAIR and NIAID with Ebola and other infectious diseases, to include the conduct of human clinical trials, enabled an agile shift in resources towards prioritizing the Ebola vaccine trial in just 11 weeks.

All partners took part in developing the necessary assays to characterize vaccine safety and immune response. Critical support was provided by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) and the DoD Chemical Biological Defense Program.

"This is an example of the whole of government working at its best to address a public health issue," said COL. Thomas. "We were able to leverage the safe clinical research experiments to meet a global need." 
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