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MHRP and Collaborators Presenting at Keystone Symposia HIV Vaccine and HIV Persistence Meetings

March 18, 2016

MHRP and collaborators are scheduled to speak and present at the 2016 Keystone Symposia HIV Vaccine and HIV Persistence meetings taking place March 20-24 in Olympic Valley, California.

Dr. Merlin Robb, MHRP’s clinical deputy director, is scheduled to speak during a plenary session focusing on immunologic correlates on March 21. Using examples gleaned from follow-up studies to MHRP’s groundbreaking RV144 vaccine trial, Dr. Robb’s will discuss his insights into optimizing the quality and durability of immune responses.

Dr. Lydie Trautmann, chief of MHRP’s cellular immunology section, will give an oral presentation during the HIV Persistence workshop on new technologies and approaches scheduled for March 23. Her presentation is titled, “Differentiation of Effector CD8 T Cells Toward Short Lived Cells Lacking Memory Potential During Acute HIV Infection.”

Other MHRP researchers and collaborators will give the following poster presentations at the symposium:

Gene and Protein Signature of In Vivo SIV-infected Cells 
-Dr. Diane Bolton

Matrix Metalloproteinases in Treated and Untreated HIV-1 Infected Kenyans
-Dr. Michael Eller

Super-infection and Development of Neutralization Breadth in Subject 40512 Within the Acute Infection Cohort RV217
-Dr. Shelly Krebs

ALVAC-HIV/AIDSVAX B/E Vaccination Does Not Induce Activation of Sigmoid CD4+CCR5+ T Cells
-Dr. Alexandra Schuetz

Transcriptional Signature of Natural Killer Cells Performing HIV-specific ADCC 
-Dr. Margaret Costanzo

NK cells recognize multiple regions of HIV envelope through antibody dependent mechanisms
-Kerri Lal

Development of a Combination Heroin-HIV Vaccine
-Dr. Rashmi Jalah 

The Role of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies in Entry of Primary HIV-1 into A3R5 and TZM-bl Cells
-Dr. Jiae Kim

Ex Vivo Mucosal Model of Multiple Infection to Study Acute HIV-1 Infection
-Dr. Melanie Merbah

Evolution of Plasma IgG Antibody Responses in HIV-1 Infected Individuals During the Course of Early Acute to Chronic HIV-1 Infection
-Dr. Hung Trinh

Neutralization Sensitivity of HIV-1 Subtype G
-Dr. Lindsay Wieczorek