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MHRP Scientists and Collaborators Presenting at CROI 2018

March 2, 2018

MHRP and collaborators will give the following presentations at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) taking place March 4-7 in Boston (bolded presentations are given by MHRP researchers): 

Monday, March 5

Sandhya Vasan*: Session moderator, "Virus and Host Determinants of HIV Pathogenesis"

Rapee Trichavaroj: "HIV serology following treatment interruption in very early treated people"

Sandhya Vasan: "Assessing biologic risk for HIV transmission in transgender women"

Eric Billings: "First report of a subtype B containing HIV-1 recombinant of Sub-Saharan Africa origin"

Ryan C. Handoko: "Determinants of immunological non-response after initiation of ART in Acute HIV"

Eugene Kroon*: "Early Intervention Therapies in Humans: Art, Antibodies, and Vaccines"

Benedetta Milanini: "Predictors of HIV-Related Cognitive Impairment in East Africa"

Tuesday, March 6

Eugene Kroon*: "Persistent detection of HIV RNA+ cells with ART started in Fiebig 1&2 vs. Fiebig 3-5"

Napapon Sailasuta*: "Cerebral Glutathione metabolism in acute HIV infection and response to ART"

Donn Colby: "How low can you go? Diagnosis of acute HIV infection at very low HIV RNA levels"

Vishal Samboju: "Intact structural and functional brain imaging in acute HIV"

Linda Jagodzinski: "Cellular HIV-1 nucleic acid detection in cases with undetectable plasma viral load"

Julie Mitchell: "T and B cell responses associate with smaller HIV reservoir size in infants after ART"

Elena Morrocchi: "HIV specific IGM memory B cells dominate in seronegative early-treated children"

Michael Eller: "Interaction of host and viral genomics on HIV disease progression in Rakai, Uganda"

Susan M. Meffert: "Depression is independently associated with near doubling of HIV viral load"

Siriwat Akapirat: "Additional boost of AIDSVAX B/E further increased RV305 IgG but not IgA antibodies"

Wednesday, March 7

Phillip Chan*: "Longitudinal cognitive outcomes after treatment in acute HIV infection"

Marta Massanella*: "ARV prophylaxis/ART initiation at birth limits the size of the reservoir in children"

Supranee Buranapraditkun*: "T and B cell alterations in peripheral blood and lymph node in acute HIV infection"

Donn Colby: "Acute hepatitis A among HIV-infected Thai MSM is linked to MSM in Europe and Taiwan"

Phillip Chan: "CSF and blood HIV RNA relationship in acute HIV is linked to CD4/CD8 ratio"

Joanna Hellmuth: "Neurologic stability with brief analytic treatment interruption after early ART"

Allahna Esber: "Predictors of persistent low level viremia and transient viral blips"

Rebecca G. Nowak: "Gaps In STI Prevention Among Nigerian MAM Adherent to ART​"

James Whitney*: "CD32 does not mark the HIV-1/SIV latent reservoir"


* - oral presentation/themed discussion