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MHRP Scientists and Collaborators Presenting at Keystone Symposia 2019

March 22, 2019

MHRP scientists and collaborators will present the following abstracts at the Keystone Symposia on HIV Vaccines and  Functional Cures and the Eradication of HIV taking place March 24-28 in Whistler, British Columbia (bolded names are MHRP researchers):

Rasmi Thomas* (workshop co-chair), "Immunology of HIV Cure"

Diane Bolton* (workshop co-chair), "T Cells in HIV Vaccination and Acute Infection"

Jintanat Ananworanich*, "AD26 & MVA Vaccines in Acutely Treated HIV: Safety, Immunogenicity and Viral Rebound"

Kerri Lal, “Transcriptional Changes in Mucosal Associated Invariant T cells (MAIT) in Acute HIV-1 Infection”

Taisuke Izumi, "Induction of a histone-encoding gene affects HIV-1 viral load during acute infection"

Siriwat Akapirat, "ALVAC-HIV Priming Improves the Magnitude and Durability of Plasma IgG Responses to AIDSVAX®B/E"
Thomas Musich, "Granulocyte Responses to Long-term Anti-Retroviral Therapy Initiated During Acute HIV Infection"
Diane Bolton, "Liposomal adjuvanted vaccine protects against heterologous tier 2 SHIV C challenge in rhesus macaques and promotes antibody-dependent phagocytic responses"
Hannah King, "HIV-specific CD4+ T cell transcriptomic signatures from RV144 late boost vaccinees"

Brittani Barrows, “Higher Magnitude and Breadth of ADCC Observed in HIV Exposed Uninfected Infants”
Venigalla Rao, “A sequestered fusion peptide in the structure of an HIV-1 transmitted founder envelope trimer”

Samantha Townsley (scholarship recipient)*, “Autoreactivity mediated by total IgG is not associated with the development of neutralization breadth”

Margaret Costanzo, "ALVAC-HIV is required for effective priming of HIV-specific CD4+ T-cell responses with AIDSVAX® B/E vaccine"

Shelly Krebs*, "B cell priming from RV144 impacts post-infection antibody responses"


* - oral presentation