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MHRP Scientists Take Part in AIDS Vaccine 2010 Conference in Atlanta

October 13, 2010
More than 1,000 HIV scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists and public health experts convened in Atlanta for AIDS Vaccine 2010.

More than 1,000 HIV scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists and public health experts convened in Atlanta for AIDS Vaccine 2010. This year, the conference marked its 10th anniversary of providing an international platform for investigators to share and exchange ideas and research.

Much of the discussion at the meeting surrounded RV144 and correlates analysis that is currently underway. COL Nelson Michael presented the status on the search for correlates in a plenary session. Collaborators at more than 20 research institutes and academic centers are conducting research on samples from the study. Michael also described MHRP’s regional vaccine strategy that builds upon RV144, and a second approach to developing an effective HIV vaccine aimed at global protection.Read news story from The Bay Area Reporter Online.

The following is a complete list of oral abstracts and posters presented by MHRP staff and partners September 28 – October 1, in Atlanta, Georgia:


COL Nelson Michael

Correlates of Immunity: RV144 – Lessons Learned 

Oral Presentations: 

Sutchana Tabrasit

False HIV Seropositive among uninfected HIV vaccine recipients of phase III vaccine trial in Thailand 

Jaranit Kaewkungwal

Exploratory Age-Stratified Analysis of Risk Taking Behaviors and Trial Participation Outcomes in the Thai Phase III HIV Vaccine Trial 

Nusara Thaitawat

Enrollment and Beyond: Recruiting and Retaining 16,000 Participants and What Comes Next

Poster Presentations:

Supachai Rerks-Ngarm

Community Engagement; Experience from the Thai Phase III Prime-Boost HIV Vaccine Trial, RV144 

Merlin Robb

RV 217: The Early Capture HIV Cohort Study (ECHO): A prospective study of acute HIV infection among high risk populations view poster

Michael Benenson

ECHO Study (Early Capture HIV Cohort): Efficient detection of acute HIV-1 Infections in Pattaya, Thailand (RV 217) view poster

Gustavo Kijak

Feasibility of high-throughput and low-cost high-resolution class I HLA typing of HIV vaccine trial cohorts in Southeast Asia view poster

Genetics of Fc Gamma Receptors IIa and IIIa in vaccine trial reagents to support the study of immune correlates in RV144  view poster

Peter Oballah

B cell depletion CD4 counts and viral load impact on ADCC, binding antibodies and neutralizing antibody  profiles in HIV-1 subtype A chronically infected Ugandansview poster

Arthur Sekiziyivu

Participant retention of women in African HIV prevention efficacy trials: A critical literature review view poster

Richard Heipertz

HIV-1 subtype G strains play a major role in HIV-1 genetic complexity in Nigeriaview poster

Tina Peachman

Bacteriophage T4 displayed gp41 protein as HIV-1 vaccine candidate 

Binding and accessibility of HIV-1 gp41 epitopes to human and murine monoclonal antibodies view poster

Gary Matyas

Differences in lipid binding of neutralizing and non neutralizing murine multi-specific monoclonal antibodies that bind to the same peptide epitopes view poster

Lindsey Wieczorek

HIV-1 neutralization using pooled versus individual PBMC donors as target cellsview poster

Julie Ake

HIV-1 genetic diversity in Bulgaria 2008-2009 view poster

Nicolas Steers

Differential proteasomal processing of HIV-1 Gag-p24 by human dendritic cells and CD4+ T-cells results in an altered epitope repertoire view poster

Mangala Rao

Adjuvant-Antigen formulations and route of immunization influence the induction of binding and neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1gp41 view poster

Zoltan Beck

Binding of HIV-1 to erythrocytes effects of antibodies on trans infection view poster

Camila Macedo

Comparative HIV entry and trafficking in lymphocytes and epithelial cell line models: Implications for the assessment of HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies view poster

Douglas Cork

Deconvolution of HIV-1 quasi-species clusters with the W-curve 

Correlating HIV-1 gp120 sequence with neutralization data using W-curve heuristics 

Bruce Brown

The role of NK cells in PBMC-based HIV-1 neutralization assays employing Renilla luciferase-expressing infectious molecular clones view poster

Agnes Chenine

Neutralization assay using a CD4+ T cell line and chimeric CRF01_AE IMC-LucR.T2A view poster


Safety Profiles of ALVAC HIV and AIDSVAX Vaccines in the Phase III Community-Based Trial in Thailand


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