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MHRP Welcomes Dr. Hendrik Streeck

September 12, 2012
Dr. Streeck joins MHRP as Section Chief for cellular immunology.

MHRP announces the appointment of Dr. Hendrik Streeck as Section Chief for cellular immunology beginning September 10, 2012. Dr. Streek currently serves as a Faculty Member of the Ragon Institute, Assistant Professor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Assistant Immunologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.Hendrick Streeck 9-12-12.jpg

Dr. Streeck will spearhead a new strategic focus on T-cell immunology, especially in terms of CD4+ T-cells as well as CD8+ T-cells and the exciting new area of T follicular helper cells, which are a bridge between the cellular and humoral arms of the immune system.

Dr. Streeck received his medical training at Charite University, Berlin, Germany and his PhD from Friedrich-Wilhelm University, Bonn, Germany. He compelted his postdoctoral fellowship on HIV-specific CD8+ T cell responses in acute infection and characterized changes in CD8+ T cell functionality and immunodominance patterns in the context of antigen load and viral escape.