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New Journal of Virus Eradication Launches Today

December 8, 2014
MHRP's Dr. Jintanat Ananworanich heads the new journal, JVE

MHRP's Dr. Jintanat Anaworanich is the Editor in Chief of a new scientific journal that aims to advance research in viral remission. The Journal of Virus Eradication (JVE) encompasses all aspects of viral disease including basic, clinical, behavioral, social and ethical research.  

For the inaugural issue, Dr. Anaworanich co-authored an editorial on the current direction and future opportunities to achieve a cure for HIV with leading immunologist and NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Facui. 

"Ultimately, for HIV cure research to have significant public health impact, the interventions must be effective, simple, safe and scalable," they write. "Moving forward it will be critical to put forth our best efforts, collaborate widely and be guided by the best science and highest ethical standards." 

The Journal of Virus Eradication is now accepting submissions to the open access journal and encourages authors to submit their articles for free. For more information, please visit.