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January 16, 2013
New Study Provides Additional Insights into V2 Antibodies in the RV144 Trial

A new study, led by a team at Duke Medicine and including researchers from the NIH Vaccine Research Center, MHRP, and the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, has provided additional insights into the workings of the RV144 vaccine. The findings, reported in the journal Immunity, are providing new options for vaccine designers to strengthen the vaccine.

“This study shows what types of...

December 18, 2012
In Memory of Sen. Daniel K. Inouye

Daniel K. Inouye, Hawaii’s senior Senator, World War II veteran, Medal of Honor recipient and long-time supporter of military medicine, passed away on December 17 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. 

Sen. Inouye led an accomplished life dedicated to public service. He grew up planning to become a doctor, but in 1942, as a teenager barely out of high school, he joined...

December 12, 2012
HIV Vaccine Research Center of Excellence to Open at AFRIMS

Thai and American dignitaries celebrated the completion of a new laboratory dedicated to HIV research at the Armed Forces Medical Research Institute of Medical Sciences (AFRIMS), a Special Foreign Activity of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research hosted by the Royal Thai Army (RTA).

The new laboratory will support clinical trial efforts within the AFRIMS Department of Retrovirology...

December 7, 2012
New District Youth Center Opens in Uganda

MUWRP and parters celebrated the opening on World AIDS Day

Staff from the Makerere University Walter Reed Project (MUWRP), The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and Peace Corps joined forces on November 30th to celebrate World AIDS Day and the grand opening of the Mukono District Youth Center. Activities included free HIV testing and counseling, free condom...

November 27, 2012
MHRP Launches New Quarterly Newsletter

Join the mailing list to stay up to date on the program's research and activities.

MHRP Exchange is MHRP's new newsletter that features research updates; highlights prevention, care and treatment activities; and provides information relevant to the global health and military community. Currently the newsletter is available for download as a PDF, or in hard copy by mail. To join the...

September 25, 2012
Nigeria Unveils 2012 National HIV Vaccine Plan

Nigeria’s National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) revealed a new 2012 National HIV Vaccine Plan today in Abuja. This collaborative plan aims to elevate Nigeria’s contribution to the international effort to eradicate HIV/AIDS. The plan provides a strategy and plan of action for building capacity to conduct in-country HIV vaccine testing, galvanizing education and advocacy efforts, and...

September 20, 2012
MHRP Profiles: Ebola Vaccine Trial Participant

Jackson Otim Oyugi is a soft spoken and multi-talented gentleman. He is also is a first cousin to Dr. Mathew Lukwiya, the first medical officer to die in the line of duty during Uganda’s first Ebola outbreak in Gulu district in August, 2000. Jackson is participating in the first phase I Ebola/Marburg vaccine clinical trial on the African continent. The Makerere University Walter Reed Project (...

September 17, 2012
New Defence Reference Laboratory Commissioned in Nigeria

The government of Nigeria commissioned a new Defence Reference Laboratory (DRL) that was built in partnership with the Department of Defense Walter Reed Program-Nigeria.

“The DRL is a critical piece for healthcare, enabling world-class diagnostic and laboratory monitoring services for military personnel and the civilian population living in the surrounding communities,” said U.S...

September 12, 2012
MHRP Welcomes Dr. Hendrik Streeck

MHRP announces the appointment of Dr. Hendrik Streeck as Section Chief for cellular immunology beginning September 10, 2012. Dr. Streek currently serves as a Faculty Member of the Ragon Institute, Assistant Professor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Assistant Immunologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Streeck will spearhead a new strategic focus on T-cell immunology,...

September 10, 2012
RV144 Vaccine Efficacy Increased Against Certain HIV Viruses

Scientists used genetic sequencing to discover new evidence that the first vaccine shown to prevent HIV infection in people also affected the viruses in those who did become infected. Viruses with two genetic “footprints” were associated with greater vaccine efficacy. The results were published today in the online edition of the journal Nature.

“This is the first time that we have seen...